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We are Ana and Sebastian. We are obsessed with Sid Lee, especially your "Build the Vote" campaign. We have worked on student projects as a creative team. We balance each other greatly: while Ana adores strategic thinking and writing, Sebastian has a keen eye for design and aesthetics - even Buffy Sainte-Marie loved one of his digital portraits.

This is our favorite work:


Swatch was a relevant brand for older generations but is no longer relevant for younger millennials. Many believe that it lost relevancy when they opted not to launch a smartwatch version. On the contrary, it led them to consolidate as a luxury mechanical watch brand.  

We think that a strategic move for Swatch would be to go beyond digital and get into the NFT market, with blockchain technology and the metaverse.

By purchasing a Swatch, you will not only own a timeless piece of Swiss art and craftsmanship, but you will also acquire ownership and commercial use rights to your NFT.  

Gold is timeless

Gold is the most precious metal and usually holds personal meaning. Like memories, sometimes we carry them but others we leave them forgotten.

With Montblanc in mind, we wanted to approach the circular process of molding gold into something useful like a unique fountain pen. This way, a piece of jewelry that might have been stored and unused could become an exclusive piece of craftsmanship with a renewed purpose: to tell new stories.

Heal with feels_Icon.png

Heal With Feels is an integrated campaign to raise funds for, Canada's only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health.


We want to speak directly to them using avatars and mood states of the most popular games among this audience like Roblox and Animal Crossing. Additionally, trained advisors will be present in this game and start conversations with teenagers who need support and are hesitant to reach out.


As an activation event, the whole community is invited to participate in a gaming marathon, to support the well-being of our youth.

We believe if there’s a place that would appreciate our unique path, it would be you.

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