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Monokel was born between the frenetic noise of the city of Bogota and the whisper of the wind in the moor. From 2015 to 2019, David, Diego and I focused on creating audiovisual experiences contemplated in the alternative electronic music scene.

In 2015 we released our first production, "Monokel" (EP), along with two video clips, collaborating with singer María Mónica Gutiérrez and dancer Juana Galindo. In 2017 we presented "Translación" (EP) in collaboration with the collective Obra Negra Gráfica, which premiered as part of "Corona Sunset Arte" at Kastalian Galería.

Monokel performed on multiple stages and local festivals and won a district grant for new musical proposals.

In addition to acting as director and producer regarding the visual aesthetics and pieces, I performed VJing at the group concerts.

Zwei (feat. María Mónica Gutiérrez)

Zwei (feat. María Mónica Gutiérrez)

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