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Colombian Radiology Association

Working with and for radiologists allowed me to find a new meaning of imaging in people's lives. Images provoke ideas and emotions, but they also save lives.

The Colombian Association of Radiology groups most of these specialists in the country, and is a reference for all of Latin America. As such, the work of the communications team is fast-paced and is responsible for generating content for different channels.

Graphic and audiovisual pieces for social networks, academic programs, educational videoconferences, websites with information on courses and congresses, are some of the products produced on a daily basis.

As part of the communications team of the Colombian Association of Radiology (ACR), I helped develop programs aimed at reducing lung, breast and liver cancer mortality in Colombia. Through social networks, the web, email and print media in hospitals and healthcare institutions, thousands of patients received the most important message: early screenings can save lives.


In addition, as part of these programs, I had the opportunity to record incredible patients on video, who had cancer and survived. Their testimonials are powerful stories of resilience and gratitude, an invitation to people at risk and everyone to take care of their loved ones and their own lives by getting screened early.

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